Not sure about Steroids?

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Hello guys,

First of all I’ll never advice anyone using ROIDS, but if they decide to use it (no matter for what reason) I tel them what my own experiences are, what did I have heard from other bodybuilders too. To use medications you should consult a physician…

What I say is purely personal, you don’t have to agree with it but you can listen and decide what to do!!! I personally think that using steroids (as it should) is less dangerous than smoking or using drugs, such XTC or LSD, because these products are made in undergrounds labs. while Roids are made under supervision of professionals and specialists for patients to help cure them.

Today, there are millions of athletes on steroids, there are used in all sports by both females and males. The majority of users are in their late teens. Steroids are being used at ages as young as 13 to increase performances in school sports. Athletes will do anything to achieve their goals no matter how high the risk is.

Understand the following RULES:

– Don’t rush to use roids only after a year or two of training, take time to see if you really like weights and want to spent A LOT of time with them.

– When you decide to do a stack get ready for it. You need to organize time so you don’t skip meals nor workouts, beside that you need time to spend with guys, who do roids and to read books and magazines, watch tapes …

– If a bodybuilding is just another of many sports and social interests you have fine, forget roids they will hurt you.

– Don’t use a strong stack for the first time you have to get used to it slowly.

– Get a really horny girl. It is really fun to have sex during the day, jerk it off twice in the evening and to have a night ejaculation in the sleep on the top of everything.

If you agree with it I’ll try to use something mild on the body and see what is happening you should be carefull with what and how you use the stuff, and get the real ones too not using FAKES. It could be dangerous and/or time and money waste.

As a beginner you may use Deca-Duraboline or Sustanon as most of the beginners do, because it’s mild on the body and designed to have less side effects (I won’t get into it’s properties), look at the website and try to read and learn some if you want to know more.

If you don’t like to use needles or not ready yet to use it now you may use (Dianabol), because it’s effective with less side effects too (I never had any of them), but on the Russian version I had back, shoulders, and knee pain, not because it’s BAD!!! but because it’s more potent, contain more sh*t in it, strong and just don’t fit with some body’s (again you have to try it to know what is best to you).

ARNOLD has used it when he was 14 years old, it was non-prescription drug, you could buy it in any drug store. You have many kind of steroids and/or other drugs to be used, depending on your needs, do you want to get BIG, loose weight or strong?


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