Who are we?

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We are a dedicated team of athletes, technical advisors and ‎scientists, producing high quality research products since 1998. We are honored to  produce, and offer quality products of ‎world class, proudly made in HOLLAND.

Our goal is to inform, ‎educate, and supply the dedicated serious athlete that YOU are, with the best ‎available products to reach your goals.

There is always a first time ‎for everything you try, if you want to get closer to your goal, our products will get ‎you there. Our products are ‎exclusively available through our website.‎

The issue of trust is a great concern to everyone. We strive to bring the finest products to your doorstep, and in doing so will develop a relationship of increasing trust and confidence.

There are so many con artists and shysters in today’s market place, that an honest service such as ours is difficult to come by. Individuals who have become members of our service and have remained confirmed members agree that of any performance enhancement procurement source, ours ranks highest in both quality and value.

Scammers are on the net and in real life overall and they will always be there, but they won’t survive it for ever, because when someone know about them the word get spread and there time began to be shorter and shorter by the day.

No one actually want to loose his hard earned money, many customers comes to us with the same story, almost all of our customers got scammed at least 3 times before they have heard about us.

Please don’t ask us about references. We do have another persons who has purchased items from us and are willing to vouch for our authenticity. But we never ask them to help us (to become our refs). We don’t want to have our own refs, we protect their privacy, however that’s board rules.

Those Boards have their own hidden agenda, giving advice while offering their own GEAR for sale and condamn other competitors who don’t gave refs. Actually, what they mean by refs are someones on their groups as well, and off course, they are sharing profit.

Those are our rules!!
References are most often created by the same person by setting up a new account and reposting as a different person, so we don’t trust most references for that reason. We however, trust our own 22 years of experience; you will see over time and with your/our friends, that we are the most discrete and efficient guys out there.

We know it is a leap of faith on both sides, but it is part of earning trust with both parties.

SERIOUS researchers are able to place a small minimum order, to minimize the risks/loss dealing with us, and to build trust together.

By cash payments there is no minimum. Shipping worldwide is $20 USD (registered) for packages and paperbolics.

We are located in the Netherlands. Payments made by Paysafe, MoneyGram, Ria, WU, Bank Transfer and Cash. For other payment options please contact us.