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The best way to receive your research GEAR.

With our experience and expertise we managed to make our own Papers containing all available chemicals. Our Paperbolics supposed to be better and faster absorbed by the body than all tablets, caplets, capsules.

Researchers said that paperbolics, are steroids papers that someone can eat and get the same results from as with any other oral way, paper steroids works exactly the same way like capsules, tablets, caplets, drops etc.

They are offered for laboratory and research use ONLY. They are made especially for this reason containing the same active chemical.

Paperbolics are SAFER and SMARTER, our researchers said.

Each square (1×2 cm ) is equal to a tablet, capsule, caplet.

How to use paper steroids?
After cutting all squares out of the A4 paperbolics, keep them in a dark & dry place, inside a zip lock bag, or a bottle or a match box. A square can simply be chewed up than swallowed with some water, All researchers loved them, and the word is spreading, we are getting more orders of this product and it became a best seller.

Strength, size gains
Lean muscle generator
Smoothes injured and aching joints.
A4 = 100 squares

Gives distinct gain in solid and high quality muscles together with an enormous strength gain
A4 = 100 squares
Quality muscles and strength gains
Lean dry muscle
No water retention
No anti-estrogen needed
A4 = 100 squares

Most used and known weight & strength gainer
A4 = 100 squares

Anadrol (Oxymetholone)
Best weight & strength gainer ever
A4 = 100 squares

Size, Strength and cutting.
A4 = 100 squares
2-3 months supply

Anavar (Oxandrolone)
Strength & cutting & safe
A4 = 100 squares
2-3 months supply

DNP 100
Strong Fat Burner
A4 = 100 squares

30 squares

Reduced sexual interest
Suppresses the forming of estrogens
Muscle hard-ness. A4 = 100 squares

– Workout boost
– Aggression
– Rapid strength
– Pre athletic event. A4 = 100 squares

– Post Cycle Therapy
– Normalize the testosterone level
– Produce more & quality sperm
– Promotes body’s own hormone production
– Safer alternative for testosterone therapy. A4 = 100 squares

Fat burner, works well with Cytomel
A4 = 100 squares

CIAX (Cialis)
Sex performance for 3 days long
A4 = 100 squares

50mg/squares @ $1,-
100% natural, 100% strength
Same as VIAGRA, without the common sides,
such as headach, red eyes, reflux.
A4 = 100 squares